Payments services

SIX Interbank Clearing offers payment transactions processing services between financial institutions. For over 25 years, its RTGS systems SIC and euroSIC have been recognized as among the world's best.

The SIC franc payment system

SIC processes Swiss franc payments between banks in real time on behalf and under the supervision of the Swiss National Bank.

The euroSIC payment system

euroSIC enables banks worldwide an efficient and inexpensive access to the euro finance marketplace and the Swiss financial center.

SEPA payments

Financial institutions from all over Europe have SEPA-compliant credit transfers as well as direct debits processed on their behalf through the Swiss payment path.

System interfaces

Usually, banks participate in the Swiss RTGS systems SIC and euroSIC through proprietary interfaces from software providers or through the SWIFT network.

Swiss Value Chain

This reliable value chain, which has proven itself indispensable for the Swiss financial center, networks the payment systems with stock trading and securities settlement.