SIX Interbank Clearing operates the SIC and euroSIC payment systems in Switzerland and across its borders. It thereby enables banks worldwide to handle their large-value and retail payments in francs and euro rapidly and securely. Interconnected with the primary players in the Swiss financial center, it also provides other economically vital payments services.

SIX Interbank Clearing – The payment traffic hub

SIX Interbank Clearing, a SIX company, is a joint venture of the Swiss financial center that provides services in the areas of payment transactions and payment systems.

Interbank coordination of the Swiss financial center

To guarantee that national and international standards are maintained, SIX Interbank Clearing is managing various committees for interbank issues.


The quarterly professional journal CLEARIT


At the beginning of every month, SIC and euroSIC transaction and volume figures are published.

Guided Tour

"Miss Helvetia" explains the business of SIX Interbank Clearing in four video clips.