Interbank coordination of the Swiss financial center

To guarantee that national and international standards are maintained, SIX Interbank Clearing is managing various committees for interbank issues.

This guarantees that SIX Interbank Clearing services meet and exceed existing norms and standards and are continually adapted to ongoing developments. In addition, these cooperative efforts provide us with us the ability to actively influence the standardization while representing the interests of the Swiss financial institutions.

Swiss payment traffic bodies

Swiss Payments Council (SPC)

This council identifies and prioritizes topics of significance referring to scriptural money of all kinds on a national and international level.

Payments Committee Switzerland (PaCoS)

This committee consults and suppors the financial institutions regarding product and market design and communication.

Project and IT-Process Steering Committee (PAP)

This committee steers the project and process management and supports the joint ventures' strategy of the Swiss financial center.

Rules and Regulations Committee (RAR)

This committee is an administrative and editorial body in charge of creating, editing and updating the documentation needed for the payment systems.