You can order the server software and hardware (SWISS-HSM PRIMUS S500) needed to operate SASS here.

Ordering SASS server software

You can order the SASS server software directly from ELCA through the portal. The corresponding documentation and software updates can all be obtained there.

ELCA Informatik AG
Steinstrasse 21
P.O. Box
8003 Zurich

Phone: 0800 35 22 48

Ordering HSM (Primus S500)

Please use the document below to order the HSM. The signed order is to be sent directly to Securosys. They will supply you with the hardware orders (Swiss-HSM Primus S500) along with the corresponding supplemental material. The corresponding documentation and firmware updates can be obtained through the Securosys support portal.

Please note that you must only install the HSM firmware versions approved by SIX, because these must be approved in conjunction with the appropriate SASS server software version. It is important to always use the right combination of SASS server software and HSM firmware that is stipulated by SIX.

Securosys SA
Technoparkstrasse 1
8005 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 552 31 00