Rules and Regulations Committee (RAR)

RAR is an administrative and editorial committee reporting to PAP. It is in charge of creating, editing and updating the documentation needed for the payment systems. In particular, it supports SIX Interbank Clearing during the production of handbooks, contracts, instructions and circulars to the financial institutions.


  • Denise Tischhauser-Straehl (Chair)
    Swiss National Bank
  • Urs Brügger
    UBS Switzerland AG
  • Dieter Bolliger
    Credit Suisse Group Ltd.
  • Antonietta Troiano
    PostFinance Ltd
  • Erika Dingler
    SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd
  • Rudolf Fischli
    Swiss National Bank
  • Roman Locher
    SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd
  • Peter Lützelschwab
    Zürcher Kantonalbank
  • Sandrea Michel
    Arizon AG (for the Raiffeisen banks)
  • Nik Notka
    Entris Banking Ltd (for the RBA banks)