Hot off the net: clearit with a new look

We've heard about the harmonization of payments mostly from the point of view of banks and software providers. This time, clearit is on the trail that companies have taken so far, based on the example of four SMEs. Read what they say about their change management activities, and about the support from their client advisor.

QR-bill and DTA standard
There are still some who cannot imagine Swiss payment traffic without the DTA standard. clearit explains where problems might arise when the QR-bill is launched.

Structured addresses, banks' readiness, etc.
The structuring of data for payment transactions is among the most interesting topics in the world of payments – at least for those with an interest in field lengths, field definitions and message standards.  Why is there a need for action, and what is a SEPA killer? clearit only gives you the answers to these questions. Along the way, clearit also provides new insights about banks' ISO 20022 readiness, about TWINT, and the SWIFT FIN migration.