You can order the server software and hardware (HSM Luna SP) needed to operate IBASEC here.

Ordering the IBASEC server software

You can order the IBASEC server software using this online form. SIX Interbank Clearing will then review your order and route it to Biveroni. The software will be delivered in around 2 weeks after the order is received by Biveroni.

Ordering the hardware

Please use the Word document below to order the hardware. The signed order is to be sent directly to SIX Interbank Clearing. They will deliver the hardware ordered to Keyon AG, which shall carry out the pre-configuration (premium rollout) and then deliver the pre-configured HSM Luna SP to the delivery address, along with additional materials.

When ordering, a recipient address can also be entered for security-related elements regarding the pre-configuration (e.g. security officer). Delivery shall be made within a maximum of 6 weeks after receipt of the order. The service provider shall bill its services to the system participant separately.