Support for the SASS server software is obtained directly from ELCA through the corresponding customer portal. Support pertaining to the HSM is provided directly by Securosys through the corresponding customer portal.


ELCA and Securosys offer training sessions. Please contact the corresponding company directly.

ELCA Informatik AG
Steinstrasse 21
P.O. Box
8003 Zurich
Securosys SA
Technoparkstrasse 1
8005 Zürich
Phone 0800 35 22 48
Phone +41 44 552 31 00
Phone 0800 35 22 48
Web support portal: 
Phone +41 44 552 31 00  

Important: Support can only be accessed after registration and the signing of a support agreement with ELCA and Securosys.

Documentation and user manuals

The current software versions and user manuals for SASS and HSM can be downloaded from the ELCA and Securosys portals at any time.

Change SASS

SASS 1.1.3 released for test system
SASS 1.1.3 released for production system
SASS 1.2.3 released for test system as of 8 February 2017
SASS 1.2.3 released for production system as of 27 February 2017
HSM released for firmware 1.5.6 and 1.5.7

Key Management

Each participant must name at least two SIC/euroSIC authorized representatives to conduct the functions necessary for key management.

When exchanging public certificates, the corresponding fingerprints must be sent by fax or via the postal service to the Key Management (SIX Interbank Clearing Ltd) by the SIC/euroSIC authorized representative.

Public certificates


Versions 1.2.3 (available as of 27 February 2017)


Versions 1.2.3 (available as of 27 February 2017)

Operations Center
Key Management
T +41 58 399 4157